Foreword by Dwight McKee, MD, PhD
Foreword by Yuan Miao
1. What Is the Tether that Holds Us to Life?
2. Two Mantras
3. Meeting Yuan Miao
4. Churches, Sit-Ins and Sitars
5. Message from a Sioux Medicine Man
6. Don’t Go Back to Sleep
7. South Dakota
8. And Then Life Changed Forever
9. The Blue Pearl
10. Connecting to the Vibration
11. Who Are You?
12. Malignant Cells
13. Busy: Heart Dying
14. Dear Fairfax Five
15. Medical Doctors and Ouija Boards
16. Exploring the Outer Edges
17. Deciding How to Hea
18. A Tiny Prayer to Father Time
19. Apoptosis and Impermanence: Entering the Land of Letting Go
20. Fathers, Sons, and Grandfathers
21. Shining Spirits Surround Me
22. Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa and Heart Connections
23. Valentines and Clinical Trials
24. Medicine Wheels and Finger Yoga
25. Birthday Chemo: ‘That’s Good!’
26. How to Overcome Fear
27. Transformation at the Wig Shop
28. Who Is at the Center of the Wheel?
29. Anger, Despair, and the Internal Terrain
30. How to Pacify Anger
31. Burning Strands of Hair
32. How to Find Peace and Joy and Relieve Stress
33. Stormy Seas
34. One Divine Lineage
35. Mudras and Mantras
36. Esoteric Healings
37. Letting Go: How to Eliminate Sadness
38. Lashed to the Mast
39. How to Achieve Harmony and Balance
40. Scans and More Scans
41. Dazed in the Doldrums
42. Arriving Back on Shore
43. Final Results
44. The Summer of Love
45. Lessons from My Father
46. Sisters of Charity
47. Lessons in Equanimity
48. My Teenaged Teacher
49. Reinventing Myself
50. The Qigong Master
51. ‘Don’t Stop—Keep Going’
52. Surrender
53. Discovering the Secret
54. Teaching the Lineage
55. The Invitation
56. Outwitting Death
57. What Are the Steps?
58. But Will We Be Poor?