“Susan Sattler gives us an in depth account of her personal growth, and especially how the challenges of life, including cancer, were used to inspire a greater awakening. She helps us understand and accept the impermanence in the world, and a valuable exercise for dealing with it.  I recommend this book to all who are interested in turning the lead in your life into gold.”

Henry Grayson, Ph.D.
Author of Mindful Loving
Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

“Susan’s faith and effort in the practice of  mudras and mantras enabled her to earn a lineage empowerment, and helped her recover from cancer.”

Yuan Miao
Author of Dancing on Rooftops with Dragons

“I have not finished a book in months – they are scattered all around my room, bookmarks noting where I left off. Not with this book, though–I read it all the way to the end, cared about the author and her journey, and wanted to know how it all came out. The story was interesting and the exercises that Susan shared from her teacher’s lineage were valuable (I’ve been practicing mudras this week, and been re-inspired to chant during my own personal practice). I am so glad Susan’s teacher encouraged her to “wake up” this project and bring it out into the world. It has thoughtful bits of wisdom for anyone who is interested in healing, the spiritual life, and the ongoing process of letting go.”
–Rachel Kaplan, MFT
Author, Urban Homesteading